A Pet Of Former Drug lord 25 Years After

Who will help contain such dangerous animal, it has become a torn in the flesh of the people, it now threatens the peace the residents earlier enjoyed, the huge predator belongs to a former Drug Lord killed in 1993.

The drug kingpin simply known as Pablo Escobar, was killed during a shootout with government troops in Bogota, Colombia, known to be a notorious cocaine syndicate, that gave government a lots of trouble when his reign lasted. After his death, government took over his vast fortune, including series of animals he had spent fortune to acquire but some hippos managed to evade capture.

Reports had it that Escobar brought in the hippos in a rather unusual manner from the African Continent, he cherished them so much that he gave them the best of attention. Years down the line when their owner is not there to control them, they now terrorize the communities with reckless abandon.

Hippos are known to cause more deaths than other large animals, known to be territorial and very brutal when it comes in contact with humans. Some of the hippos were captured when the government took over the estate of the Drug Kingpin, while some escaped, the animals were even reported to the biggest crowd puller to the zoo cited in the estate.

The ones that found their way out were reported to be disturbing fishermen and wanders around villages.

In case you come in contact with any hippo, do all you can by talking to your legs, it might be one of Escobar’s pets.