It’s so touching getting to see the pictures of the baby, you cannot but love the cute baby. Report had it that he stopped growing in his mother’s womb at barely 24 weeks

The baby was discharged at a rather surprising weight, which stood at 268 grams, it means when measured in ounces, it should be under 10 ounces, discharged from Keio University Hospital, in the heart of Tokyo.

Despite being equal in size to a large onion, Doctors still considered it fit enough to discharge him to go home. Doctor Takeshi Arimitsu, said he now weighs 3.238 kilos, which is just pretty over 7Ibs.

According to his elated mom “I can only say I am happy that he grew this big, I wasn’t sure he would survive the ordeal”

He now holds the record of the smallest baby discharged in perfect health, the Doctor was even quoted to have said “There is possibility that babies will now be able to leave the hospital in good health despite being born small”

The record was previously held by a boy in Germany, at 274 grams in the year 2009. Also born in Germany at 252 grams, was the smallest living girl at 252 grams in year 2015.