This Twitter thread shows we are heading towards a crisis


For some reason, drug abuse among young people has gone unnoticed and unchecked.

I am not talking about weed. Cannabis is the nicotine for this generation and extensive research has proven that marijuana is harmless. It also has medicinal values.

The drugs I am talking about are codeine, Tramadol and Refnol. These three drugs are the most popping on the streets. Cocaine and meth are for high-end users who have daddy’s money to waste.

Cough syrup, CodeineplayCough syrup, Codeine


Codeine, Tramadol and Refnol are the drugs of choice for today’s youth who indulges in narcotics. A Twitter thread made yesterday, Sunday, May 28, 2017, scarily highlights the drug abuse epidemic we might have on our hands.

Refnol user with the coloured tongueplayRefnol user with the coloured tongue


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Twitter user @Olubaba60 chillingly narrated how he got initiated into the world of drugs. “Got introduced to trams and ref during my nysc 3 weeks orientation camp days ..  I mean the high was good..” tweeted Olubaba60, “Plus it gave me enough energy to deal with camp stress and all. Trams with black bullet was fire back then. Throughout my service i was always high.. Had packs of drugs stashed in my room.. I literally couldn’t do anything without popping pills.”

I’d really love to share a thread about how i almost died of drug overdose.. But

After NYSC, Olubaba60 was on the job hunt and by this time his intake of drugs has increased significantly. “I’m talking bout 1000mg of tramadol per day with codeine.. At least 4 times in a week.. I didn’t realise i was killing myself small small” he revealed on his timeline.


(Tramadol )

He continued his life continuing to take a cocktail of drugs until February 2016 when he nearly died from an overdose. You can read his near death experience below;

How he nearly lost his lifeplayHow he nearly lost his life

(Twitter )

He suffered from a seizure and nearly lost his life.

Olubaba60 almost died from drug overdoseplayOlubaba60 almost died from drug overdose

(Twitter )

He recounts how his ‘friends’ said they would have chopped his body and thrown it away if he had died.

It would have been a sad end for this young manplayIt would have been a sad end for this young man

(Twitter )

Olubab60 also revealed a married woman who admitted she was on drugs too. The mother of two said that her husband has become tired of her drug problem.

Olubab60’s case is one of many in the country right now. While he was lucky, others aren’t. The drug problem does not have to get to the crack epidemic era in America ghettos in the 80s before we do something about it.

We are on a ticking time bomb. One pill at a time gets us closer to a full a blown crisis.

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