You only get to see such a scene in action movies or those that have watched any of Superman’s thrillers, sure would understand better. That is a fellow that can excel in such act without getting bruised. It will amaze you how a 65 years old man perfected the act just the way Superman would have done.

This dangerous scene happened in Turnpike, Massachusetts, when Mark Fitzgerald, 37, engaged the old man, Richard Kamrowski, in a heated argument over road usage. This resulted into an exchange of words which dragged for some minutes. They had pulled over to engage themselves in the show of shame.

When Mark couldn’t take it any longer, he dashed into his car and began to drive, thinking he was about to be run over, the old man dived onto the hood of the SUV and held on tightly. This was a vehicle that was racing at 70 mile an hour, you begin to imagine how such an old man was able to hold on without falling off.

Thanks to other drivers on the road, Mark wouldn’t mind driving off with our Superman still clinging to the hood. The sight of a gun in the hand of one of the driver eventually forced Mark to pull over.

They were later arrested with different charges hanging around their necks. Mark was charged with dangerous driving, assault and multiple property damage, while our Superman was slammed with disorderly conduct.

So sad our Superman was not let off the hook, maybe this would tell him not to pull such stunt next time and for Mark, he learnt his lesson in a bitter way, he should have shown respect to an old man.