Am certain only the brave will take a walk into such scary cave where centuries old witch mark like insignias can be seen dotting every angle of the cave.

Discovered on the wall etchings in a cave in Creswell Crags, England, the only thing such signs portrays according to researchers is evil and nothing more.

Some described it as a scene from an horror movie, cave enthusiasts from England came about several of centuries old scary marks and what looks like a ritualistic drawing, which only the bold can look at twice. Experts believed such marks could have been done to repel evil forces, capture or trap those that are likely coming to attack.

According to the Director of Creswell Crags, an ancient cave system situated 150 miles North of London, “You can’t help but wonder, how scared were they of something? What could they be so concerned about that made them make such amount of signals at every area of the cave?”

A Don at the Leicester University and also doubles as an expert on protective marks, Alison Fearn, believes “Death and diseases were everyday companions and evil forces could be readily imagined in the dark. We can only speculate on what it was the people of Creswell feared might emerge from the underworld into these caves”

Some believes the cave could actually be a home to a form of arts altogether, and sees no big deal in the supposedly scary signs.

The latest remarks came from the Subterranea Britannica Organization, according to them “The etchings were actually apotropaic marks, essentially protective marks scrawled all over the wells, ceilings and around holes and crevices”.