Please save this policeman who survived the Zenith Bank robbery in Imo state (photos)


The only policeman who survived the bank robbery that occurred in Imo state and which CCTV shot is currently trending is in dare need of assistance.

It was learnt that mobile police officer, Sergeant Muran Otu Attang, was the only survivor of the three policemen that confronted the robbers when they stormed the bank in a black-coloured car.

While two of the police officers died, a day after in the hospitals, the survivor is in a terrible situation as he lost his eye in the incident and currently needs a surgery to remove bullets stocked in his skull.

“The survivor officer is married with three children and currently lives in a batcher at Owerri without even a promotion from Nigeria Police Force.

“In all, three mobile police officers were involved; while two died a day after in the hospitals, the survivor discharged is in a terribly situation right now and needs the help from good spirited Nigerians.

“He lost one of his eyes, needs surgery to remove bullets stocked in his skull and he equally sustained gun short Injury in the leg,” the stated after a visit to his house on Saturday, June 10.

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It was learnt that the police officer currently needs N3 million for surgery.

According to, he is currently pleading that well-meaning Nigerians should send their contributions to his Diamond Bank with name: Muran Otu Attang, and number 0004096569.

Watch the trending video of the robbery scene below;


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