Kidnapper set ablaze in Calabar

According to Vanguard news, Yesterday in Cross River state Calabar, a suspected kidnapper was killed by a mob and another suspected kidnapper which is believed to be a member of his group had his hands cut off and was beaten to stupor before being reported and handed over to the police.
 According to Vanguard news, an eyewitness, Rosemary Uchechi, said the incident occurred at 7:30a.m. when a four men tried to kidnapp two children along Parliamentary Extension Road, on their way to school.
According to the eyewitness, “the mother of the children was on her way to drop her two kids at school before they (kidnappers) blocked her with their vehicle and abducted her children.
“In the process, one of the kids raised the alarm, which attracted passers-by and people in the area, who, alongside Federal Housing Police Division officers, went after the kidnappers. Caught “When they got to Mile 4, it was like they disappeared into thin air, not knowing they had entered a close. It was a brave lady that blocked them.
The mob pounced on them and hacked the one that was holding a gun to death before setting him ablaze. The arm of a second suspect was cut off, with others escaping.”
Vanguard learned that the victims they tried to kidnap were family members of an oil worker living in Parliamentary area.
The police force was contacted and  the state Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Irene Ugbo, confirmed the incident, she also said that they have arrested one of the suspects, while others were still at large.
Her words: “We have arrested one, while the other was set ablaze by a mob. We also have the Nissan they used to carry out the operation and the suspect has been handed over to SARS for further interrogation. “We are working hard to apprehend other members of the group that escaped.”;

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