Husband forced ‘otapiapia’ down wife’s throat for this funny reason and this happened


A Lagos banker identified as Olaoluwa Adejo has been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command for allegedly torturing his wife to death.

According to Tori NG, Olaoluwa was alleged to have tortured his 28-year-old wife, Maureen, with a belt and cut her with a machete.

The wife was forced her to drink a local insecticide popularly known as ‘otapiapia’, said Richard, the fruit of their 5 years long marriage.

He said; “I am Richard Adejo. I am five years old. My daddy beat my mummy with a belt; machete her here (shows arms), machete her here (shows legs). He used the belt on her here (points at face); forced my mummy to drink otapiapia (insecticide). My daddy took my mummy away.

“My daddy said my mummy should get out of the house. My mummy said no. In the night, my daddy woke my mummy up and said, ‘Mosquito is too much, let me go and buy otapiapia’. My daddy forced my mummy to drink it. She shook her head. She vomited.

“My daddy slapped my mummy. My mummy did not do anything to him. My daddy gave her one blow. My daddy kicked her. My daddy told her to get out of the house and carry her load. Small blood came out. My daddy slapped her, kicked her, machete her, blow her, and put otapiapia in her mouth and in the food,” Richard said during an interview on Monday.

Mrs Kate Jonathan, the mother of the victim, said that Richard had given enough details of the incident to the family members, police and Lagos State Ministry of Justice officials.

She further said that her late daughter had earlier packed out of her matrimonial house five days to the incident. She had to return because of a party at the children’s school.

She said: “I was called on the telephone by an unknown number around 4 pm on Sunday, November 12. The caller said, ‘Your daughter’s husband has killed her at Oworo’. He dropped the call.

“Around 5 pm when I got to their house, I discovered that the house was locked up. There were two boys guarding the house and they refused to open the door to me, saying the owner of the house instructed them not to open the door.

“I didn’t see my daughter or her husband. I was begging them to open the door when I saw Richard jumping up through the window. He saw me and asked the boys to open the door, but they refused.

“I broke the louvres of the window. The boy climbed a stool and said from inside, ‘my father has killed my mother and taken her away.'”

She was said to have gone to Oworonshoki Police Station to report the incident where she finds out that Olaoluwa had reported that Maureen committed suicide by drinking insecticide, Sniper.

After depositing his wife’s body in the Gbagada General Hospital mortuary and trying to obtain court documents to enable him to bury her, Olaoluwa was called to return to the police station for a certain document, which led to his arrest based on his mother-in-law’s complaint.

The suspect was said to have been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Yaba, and the couple’s three children were said to have been taken to a family friend, a policeman, who lived in Agric, in the Ikorodu area.

The victim’s mother, Jonathan, who claimed to have visited the mortuary, said Maureen’s body had machete cuts and other torture marks.

She said, “My daughter, who worked as the manager of my chemical company had about a week to the incident, complained that her husband said we would soon see her obituary.

“I sent my eldest daughter to accompany her to the house to know what happened. The man begged and said he was only joking. He said he really loved his wife. I insisted that she pack out of the house.

“She was in my house for three days before she said she wanted to return home because her children’s school would be having a cultural party. She left and went to the party with her husband on Saturday. It was that night that she was brutalised and killed by the husband. From what we saw in the mortuary, she had blood in her nostrils and deep cuts in her hands and legs.”

The victim’s mother asked that Maureen’s three children, namely, Richard, five; Henry, three; and Omowunmi, six months, be released to her.

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