Are you still dreaming of an unusual dream home? You are missing if you‘ve not tried having a plane has a home, something that has never been done.

It has always been the dream of 64-year-old Bruce Campbell, a retired Electrical Engineer of Hillsboro Oregon to own such an unusual home in a secluded area, he just want to enjoy the beauty of nature devoid of any form of distraction, he had described himself as an inventive fellow.

The retired Engineer claimed he hates wastages, main reason he likes turning scraps into worthy things that can still appeal to all. He was so good at turning scrap materials into some sort of beautiful masterpieces which would turn cynosure of all eyes.

He dreamt big and it eventually came to pass, he believed any old plane shouldn’t just be allowed to rot away, they should be turned into other useful ventures like homes and so on.

According to him, “I employed a simple trick, which is a dose of imagination, got an old plane and made use of a land I had earlier acquired when I was in my early twenties. I paid $23,000 for a 10 acre of land, which can be found in the forest of Hillsboro. One thing I had at the back of my mind is having a home in a serene environment, an abode that will serve as retirement home”

Report had it that Campbell love fiddling with old and immaterial things right from an early age in life, a passion that eventually worked for him later in life.

What a creative mind!