I am sure this lucky cyclist will from now onward starts referring to his helmet as a Savior, just as some of us call on the Lord as our Savior. He was indeed very lucky to be alive, most similar incidence with a strong animal as deer usually resulted in death, all thanks to the headgear he had on.

The bicyclist was reported to be cycling down Mount Lemon, just outside Tucson in the city of Arizona, when the unfortunate incidence took place. Footage showed the young man identified as Soehnel, riding at 40 miles an hour along a free stretch.

Looking closely at the footage, the bicyclist was thrown over the handlebars, an instant action that threw him up high into the air, the final impact was that he was left with some sort of pains in the neck and shoulder, luckily, none was seriously injured as they both went their different ways.

Soehnel continued to heap praises on his Savior, the helmet. The impact of the collision with the deer could have resulted in instant death for him, but the headgear took what could have been his end away.

He claimed he was very alert after the collision and no issue of concussion as expected after most crashes. He didn’t go with the ambulance that arrived at the scene because he was fully conscious, although with some slight pains.

The only sad part of the crash was a damaged bicycle, little road damage and a foot believed to be broken. As for the careless deer, it could be seen looking away before it raced back into the woods

What will you name such a helmet if not a Savior?