GOOD NEWS: Buhari’s government commences recruitment of 7,500 young graduates again


The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) says it is set to recruit at least 7,500 young Nigerian graduates.

The graduates, when employed, are expected to serve as Community Tax Liaison Officers (CTLOs) through the ongoing federal government’s N-Power program.

The minister of Finance, Mrs Kemi Adeosun and the executive chairman of the Federal Inland Revenue Service, said this on Thursday, June 15 at a press conference.

Adeosun says the recruitment is with the ultimate aim of helping the government shore up its revenue base

They revealed that the young graduates to be engaged would be trained and deployed to communities and that their main duties would be to raise awareness and educate citizens on the tax system in Nigeria.

With a tax to GDP ratio of only six percent, one of the lowest in the world and 14 million tax payers out of 69.6 million economically active people (20 percent), Adeosun explained that there was a lot of work to be done in creating awareness and bringing people into the tax system.

“As a result, about 7,500 CTLOs will be recruited through the N-Power Program to tackle this challenge and they will be deployed nationwide and will be found in public places within every community.

“They will be found in markets, schools, churches, mosques, airports, etc and will have distinctive uniforms with logos clearly showing that they are part of the tax awareness program thereby making it easier for them to be identified,” Adeosun said.

She explained that all the CTLOs would undergo intensive training comprising of classroom learning, case studies, role play and on the field learning.

“Their training is comprehensive and covers the tax system, sales, marketing and customer services,” she said.

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NAIJ learnt that these Community Tax Liaison Officers are expected to increase tax awareness to raise compliance, educate all citizens on the tax system, tax outreach to increase the number of tax payers and to enroll new tax payers but they are not expected to assess people for tax purposes or collect taxes on behalf of the federal government.

The government urged young Nigerian graduates to apply for these vacancies through the N-Power website under the tab, ‘N-Power Tax’ as there are lots of benefits.

The Nigerian Navy had on Wednesday, June 14, warned prospective applicants seeking employment on the activities of fraudsters currently operating fake online recruitment sites. The Navy said it will make a public announcement whenever its recruitment process starts.

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