Confession Of Kolade: How My Wife Finally Solved My Quick Ejaculation and Small Blokos Problem and Finally Brings Smile to Our Faces


My true life story and testimony…

I’m Kolade, the Founder of Kolad Motors and Kolad Oil & Gas) and my wife is Chioma, a beautiful lady who married her handsome and wealth to do husband Kolade.

But as pretty as she is, my matter some six years back to a few months ago made her experienced a miserable marriage.

There’s nothing that could be so embarrassing than the inability to make her feel my blokos in her and to make it worse, making love with her for just 120 seconds, at most 3 minutes.

Before we got married…

We both met as friends in church, we became so close that we couldn’t but see each other daily.

In fact, we were so close. Even though she’s Ibo, all my family members love her.

There was this problem in my life which she didn’t quite notice as we haven’t married, she actually thought I was only protecting my body until our wedding night.

Body is not fired wood,  I was only protecting my self from being embarrassed as I was embarrassed by my ex-girlfriend. I love her so much I knew I might end up losing her If I manage to use the small shit under my boxers in her hole, and to make the matter worst as it was then, I couldn’t dig her beyond 2-3 minutes.

So I was so cautious!

I wouldn’t allow her to cuddle me, neither allow her to have a night sleep, I did all I could to save my self from being embarrassed, I related with her like this for 2 solid years, with nothing to show as a couple to be.

We courted for 2 years, I was 32, she was 28.

We finally wed!

No more excuse. Nothing to back up my excuses, at least we’ve just been joined together, to live together in good and bad till death do us part.

On our wedding night, she gives me that kiss I quickly responded as If I’m a complete man. We both foreplay and landed on our new matrimonial bed.

Of course, I didn’t let her notice quite the size of my blokos, so she would not start feeling bad on the first day of our marriage.

But inside her I knew I was having a matter very small to accommodate and fit perfectly in her, I was only swimming up and down in her, I also noticed she wasn’t feeling anything special, as I was trying to put more pressure, dig faster to make her shout ‘honey, give it to me’. I noticed for the first time I have gotten a new matter worse than before, I couldn’t kerewa beyond 2 minutes.

I did all I could to go second round, but my Thomas was not coming up, went on rest and never rose up till the second day.

My Wife was not happy! She almost cried, because I left her in pain.

I lived like this with her for months, I became more worried when my Thomas reduces inches instead to increase, it was now so small.

I begged her, told her we should look for a solution and never give up. Luckily for me she corporate with me and so we started searching and looking for solution up and down.

We bought all sorts of herbs and I drank gin (ogogoro) early in the morning to warm up my blood. In short, I ate the eatable, I drank the drinkable, I did all I could, but nothing good came.

My wife was checking information on the internet through our bed room’s desktop computer, she stumbled on the Uncle Jay’s “Natural Solution”. See it here:

It was not strange to doubt easily, due to our previous experiences. So we said to ourselves, let’s see the magic this natural solution would perform.

Seriously, do you want to talk of herbs?

Yes I took it.

Agbo, concoction, I even light candles, fasted for several week, but my blokos wouldn’t increase neither allowed for more than 3 minutes.

But my friend, this Uncle Jay’s natural solution was the exact solution that saved my marriage. Click here:

All I can say now is “don’t joke with me with your wife o” or else you’ll regret knowing Kolade… Lol

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