Buhari doesn’t understand how to run government – Agbakoba


A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Dr Olisa Agbakoba, who also described the federal cabinet as incompetent, has said President Muhammadu Buhari doesn’t understand how to run a government.

Dr. Olisa Agbakoba

While speaking to reporters in Lagos, Agbakoba said: “Government’s work is misunderstood even by the President. He doesn’t understand the nature of how to run a government.”

According to him, the government of Buhari is not performing as expected because a number of his ministers are not competence in handling the portfolios assigned to them.

He went ahead and mentioned Geoffrey Onyeama, a lawyer, appointed as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Kayode Fayemi, the Minister of Solid Minerals Development.

He, however, excluded Fayemi and Enyeama saying they were brilliant men, just that they were round pegs in square holes.

Agbakoba said: “He (Buhari) needs to sack his entire cabinet because they have failed.”

He, however, highlighted the objectives of the National Intervention Movement (NIM), which was floated by him and others recently.

He clarified that “NIM is not a political party but a pressure group to put the government on its toes.”

“Our objective is to mobilise Nigerians to hold government accountable at all levels. We want to grow by inspiring and supporting people to start small groups across the country,” he said.

Agbakoba further said:

“It is going to be membership-based and we are going to have friends of the movement. We are not going to depend on anybody to fund us, we are going to ask Nigerians to fund us; send your N100, send your N200, because it will require a lot of resources. So, in one way, we want Nigerians to claim ownership of the movement. That’s the structure.”

The lawyer said like Buhari, the state governors had not fared better, describing Lagos State, for instance, as a broken city.

“Governor Ambode of Lagos State says that he runs either the third or fifth largest economy in Africa, but you are all in Lagos. This is a broken city, it is a completely broken city and in the index of the harshest cities to live in the world, Lagos is third from the last,” Agbakoba said.

He added, “Ambode is fixing federal roads when Lagos State roads are deplorable.

“Okorocha is erecting statues of all kinds of people when Imo State owes pensioners.

“Wike is using Rivers State money to buy SUVs for members of the National Assembly.”

“The current budget is about N8tn; 70 percent is for recurrent expenditure, that means salaries.

“Now, only three million people in Nigeria, working with the Federal Government, ‘chop’ all that money to the exclusion of the 180 million people. So, where’s the fairness? Three million people and 70 percent, and the remainder 30 percent for 180 million people.”

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