Behold! The Only Alligator in the World that Help Kills Depression


Is it not weird hearing that the only thing that helps suppresses depression is one unfriendly animal? How on earth can one keep such dangerous animal closely expecting some form of comfort which can turn deadly if care isn’t taken?

This 65-year-old man, Joie Henney, told the world how the gator has been tremendous in his fight against the deadly depression. He claimed the reptile helped him immensely in managing what could have killed him, but that did not happen because he had a worthy friend within reach.

The way the gator engages in indoor plastic pond games and manner of eating chicken wings was the turning point he needed to get over his declining health, he claimed the scene is worth seeing.

People see it as a dangerous animal that shouldn’t be seen in the vicinity of residents but Joie quickly comes to the defence of his helper, describing it as lovely. He said he took out time to register it as an Emotional Support Animal and he had named it Wally. He said it loves to give hugs, a rare gesture not expected of other animals.

He said his Doctor eventually gave him the go ahead to keep the gator as a form of support, he chose the animal rather than undergoing a medical depression routine. The gator is reported to be around 5 foot long in length.

The reptile was rescued at 14 months old, outside Orlando

Can you take up the challenge and get an alligator as a pet?