If he is to be given the award of the most creative teenager of our time, am sure there will be no dissenting opinion, it will surely be an award well deserved. How many 13 years old can be so creative as to erecting a livable house, this is the amazing story of Luke Thill, from Dubuque, Iowa.

At a time boys of his age prefers to while away time running up and around the field, this amazing kid sat down and fashioned out a worthy idea that came to fruition.

Summer is known as the most interesting part of the year as a schoolboy, that time of the year is always used in meeting old friends and playing with boys in the same age-grade, but he chose otherwise.

He wasn’t ready to waste away his time as usually done during the summer break, he wanted to have a worthy thing on the ground. All he did was to go online and gather facts on what to do as the holiday approaches.

He eventually decided on some Do It Yourself (DIY) projects on the widely used platform, YouTube.

The DIY projects he laid his hands on led him to some little house instructional videos.  These little houses can also boast of amenities that are found in big houses, this would have easily deterred some Lilly-Livered people but that was not the case with Luke, he was more than determined to give it a shot.

Luke had always been an ambitious kid right from childhood, his parents made it known that he first decided to build a little house in the family’s backyard, he knows it won’t be an easy task but he decided on the DIY videos.

Credits must go to his parents as they were very supportive of the idea, this is what many parents out there will vehemently kick against. They gave the awesome kid all the support he needed.

Are you still thinking of supporting your kid achieve a dream? Please don’t hesitate to give the support and make your kid a super kid.