Even though there is continuous progress in medicine industry, some viruses and diseases are still a mystery to some scientists and doctors everywhere. For only 30 years, it’s really amazing that some diseases are now curable like lupus and tuberculosis, and HIV is not considered anymore as a sentence of death.

Nevertheless, the world is still needing a long way for all diseases to be taken away. Below are the 8 diseases that don’t have any cure yet.

1. Polio

Diseases that don't have any cure

For almost thousand years, polio which also known as poliomyelitis has been all around. The nervous system is affected by polio which is considered to be an acute viral infectious disease. The legs are mostly affected which sometimes ends to paralysis. Fever, fatigue, nausea, muscle pains, and headaches are usually the first symptoms.

It spreads via contaminated water and food and seen especially in children ages 5 and below. Increase number of kids in South Asia and African are observed to be affected by paralysis which is considered to be the top-most effect of Polio. 57,628 cases are seen throughout the country of the United States, which is the biggest outbreak of Polio in the country ever.

For now, polio is still incurable, however, it’s one of the most important vaccines given to children.