While growing up, my sister used to ask for the worst things to tell your boyfriend. She was curious because of previous failed relationships.

There are love affairs that stood the test of time, no magic was employed, just that the partners were courteous of what they say to each other. Blame nobody for your misfortune if your tongue is the loose type if you fail to watch what you say to your lover, know it’s on its way to crumble.

You may be lucky to have a gentle lover or the meek one that takes anything, but be rest assured it will get to a point when the insult would be resisted, then, you have another thing coming.

A relationship should be run with all seriousness it deserves, I don’t subscribe to cunny ones, how can you have no atom of respect for a partner and you claim to be having a love affair, that is no relationship.

If you are finding it hard holding down a relationship or you’ve suffered heartbreaks in time past, yet, you don’t know what could be the real cause, then, check out these 5 things you might have said to your ex which you considered normal.

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