An experience of a lifetime to travel in those places where religious practices and beliefs exist. Its serene and breathtaking views warm the core of one’s soul may you be a believer or not.

Visiting these places requires you to know the rules so as to keep the utmost respect and practices that these places have. Some needs you to cover one’s head and some not, to give an offer or not to leave anything at all.

Most Spiritual Sites

Watching those devotees and how they interact with the sacred tombs, grottos, pagodas, or waterfalls may give you not just a great insight of their culture but it might just make you check or question your own.


It doesn’t matter where you will travel, you will find out about the human’s own approach to interpreting this multifarious, wonderful world. Either the Ancient Greeks finding their gods on top of Mount Olympus or the people of Easter Island moving huge rocks for safeguarding their distant Pacific outcrop or Maori’s developing mythology that’s suitable for New Zealand’s terrain.

Through travelling, you will be able to experience the interpretations primarily. Explore the spectacular, at times hostile surroundings which these beliefs may have developed and begin to understand more of those who believed.

Either we accept or not that Buddha truly made that mark on the rock or that God truly appeared on the burning bush, we cannot disregard other’s acceptance. With the presence of faith, it uplifts the spiritual places, creating them more of just a mere tree or stone. When you go to these places, maybe, just maybe you might be able to find religion. Or maybe not.

But probably you will be able to find something – knowledge, connectedness, beauty and a bit of inner peace.

1. Oregon, USA – The Crater Lake

Most Spiritual Sites

A deep hole was left flooded which became Crater Lake when the top of Mount Mazama was blown way back 8000 years. As stated by Native American (Klamath), a fight erupts between Skell (Chief of Above) and Llao (Chief of Below World) causing damage. With which story that you prefer, the aftermath landscape is really legendary. They perform a tight vision quest in here, but simply you can follow the trail towards water’s edge. Sail to the Wizard Island, a formed cinder cone during the ancient eruption – and or maybe it’s head of Llao.