We all have heard those stories of people going on vacations and then getting robbed, beaten up or in extreme cases, even killed. Sadly, all this is actually happening in many parts of the world.

While it may all sound very exciting and adventurous to plan a trip but it can’t be done without some consideration. Whether it is the increasing crime rates or xenophobia, there are some destinations which can prove to be fatal.

Unfortunately, these places are the most wonderful with breathtaking attractions but must be off the radar for the travelers, we believe. Take into consideration all the pros and cons before planning your vacation to any of the below-mentioned countries:


Most Dangerous Countries for Tourists

The crime rates are at an increase in this country over the years which has hugely affected the tourism industry in Mexico. The government is taking initiatives to stop such activities but the roots are spread all over the country. A number of Mexican cities which were earlier considered safe and luxurious have become dangerous due to drug violence.

The other major crimes include extortion, kidnappings, pickpocketing, armed robbery and sexual violence which enlisted it in most dangerous countries in the world. A number of tourists have been the victims of violent crimes, such as kidnapping, carjacking, and robbery organized by criminal groups in various Mexican states.

Crime and violence are serious problems and can occur anywhere, and innocent people have fallen victim to criminal activities including homicide, gun battles, kidnapping and highway robbery.