9. You Fight over Money

When money is involved usually it ends up badly. Everyone experiences this issue in their lifetime.

Common Relationship Conflicts

What to Do: Know the underlying problems: who earns more? Is this issue a problem with anyone of you? If you say yes, then why? You write all your answers and give it thought of what’s the difference between your spending habits vs. what you earn while you’re still single and the changes that happened now that you have a partner.

If by chance that you or your partner overspent, too indulgent and scared that your future might not be secured, a financial analyst can evaluate your belongings and can decide which is needed and dispose of what is not. If it doesn’t work out because you have different views financially, then you might want to focus on the other scope of your lives – like failures, self-confidence, accomplishments, and how you deal with your money has changed beyond the past years.