5. You Feel Uncertain of What Tomorrow Will Bring.

You want to pursue your career to a grand scale, while all they’d like to do is to take time off. Or: planning to start having children after 3 years, while they are ending up the relationship with their parents. Or: you’d want to migrate to another country, while they are planning to have a business and not having enough investment for both.

Common Relationship ConflictsWhat to Do: “But this is life on earth, you can’t have everything” as what William Goldman says. When in every decision that you’d make, consulting with your partner is the best way to avoid conflicts. Opportunities come once and if by chance you let it go, it might not come again.

It doesn’t mean that we failed or wasn’t able to give our best, life was never multidirectional. If you and your partner move in different directions in life, you have to find ways to fulfil both your wishes without sacrificing your dreams in the interest of your relationship. It means finding ways to achieve your dreams hand in hand and steering the inevitable changes to achieve happiness.