2. You DEVOTE SO MUCH TIME together that you never had a chance to be with yourself and flourish.

Being together as best friends long time before you became a couple is a wonderful foundation. Every single moment being together, doing everything together, might also have a negative impact on your intimate relationship.

All of us needs “ME TIME”. This way, we grow more as an individual. Being together doesn’t mean you have to cut loose with your hobbies, friends, and commitments that are confined to the world outside.

Common Relationship ConflictsWhat to Do: Give yourself a break. Spend time with yourself and let your partner do the same. Go to places where you’ve never been or just take a walk in the park, do nature-tripping or be with your friends.

At first, you will always feel incomplete because you’re not with your partner but in time you will get used to it. The best and most empowering thing to do is go out on a date with yourself once a week and just spend those hours solely to keep your mind busy with things that make you grow more as an individual. If you feel like keeping a journal, do so. The most important thing is — NEVER CHEAT! A time spent alone is always a QUALITY TIME.