10. You Don’t Condone With their Vices.

Tell me who’s happy while their partner is drinking or a drug addict and I’ll let you see what a toxic relationship it can be. If you and your partner smoke that is one thing, for example, and tolerate one another, it’s different from loving one, reside with one and incapable of seeing through the smoke with clearness. Who’s to blame?

Common Relationship Conflicts

What to Do: Some would say… If you can’t beat them, join them. First and foremost, you don’t smoke, secondly, you don’t have to force yourself to change over someone, and nevertheless with the one you love. In different circumstances, it’s not easy to stop just for you.

Carrie Bradshaw is a chain-smoker who is in a relationship with Aidan and tried to quit smoking at the start of their relationship is a clear example of this kind of situation. People will change only when THEY wanted to, and so it is never your obligation to instil this lesson to them.

Discuss it with your partner and make an effort to reach a consensus. For example, when they smoke, they’ve got to have a smoking area like in the kitchen or balcony. If they don’t want to stop, you are not compelled to engage in their ways, have them go out with friends. Basically, if it involves drug addiction, you have to consider your health physically and emotionally, and if by any chance you could have helped them (or you wanted to).