The mistake some Igbo leaders made 50 years ago should be avoided – Igbo group


The Igbos for Nigeria Movement (INM) has said that they don’t want to fight civil war that they fought in 1967 and which is 50 years ago.

The INM on May 30 urge some pro-Biafra groups that is looking for every possible means to get Biafra independence.

A statement by the National Leader of the group, Maxi Igwe Ifeanyi warned that the mistake some Igbo leaders made fifty years ago that led to the civil war should be avoided at all costs.

Vanguard reports that Ifeanyi said the war inflicted serious injury on Nigeria that has refused to heal.

According to him, the divisions persist not because efforts were not made at reconciliation but because there are those that continually pick at old wounds, preventing healing. Because they have the excuse to brainwash the younger generations that were not witnesses to the horrors of the three and half years starting the year 1967.

He said: “Our people, Ndi Igbo, embittered by the glaring inequalities in the running of the country, especially the mindless killing of Igbos with the passive and active endorsement of the government of that time.

“It precipitated the decision by our people to secede from Nigeria and pursue our future separate from a group of people that had treated us unfairly. “Let us quickly point out here that we are by no means implying that all is well in terms of fiscal federalism.

“Like other ethnic nationalities and geo-political zones, we desire greater self determination; we will like to move at an economic pace that is more consistent with our exceptional enterprising spirit.

“Like others, we want the liberty to control the resources produced in our homeland and deploy same to develop our states at a pace that is consistent with our aspirations. These are goals that we have diligently pursued through non-violent means and intellectual agitation.

“Unfortunately, these efforts have been greatly undermined by the militant activities of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Biafra Independence Movement (BIM), Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) and other configurations.

“But for the matured response of the Federal Government, the confrontational posture and activities of these groups had threatened fresh conflagrations that directly undermine the stability of Nigeria.

“Igbos must recognize the imperative of not exposing our flanks to the other ethnic nationalities whose own people can cash in on the closure of Igbo businesses to take over our clientele when we open the way for people to feel frustrated.

“The great Ikemba who was responsible for the first awakening, who led the war and who lived all his life as an advocate of Biafra later participated in elections in Nigeria and wanted to become President of a United Nigeria. We believe in his renewed vision that the Igbo interest can be achieved within a united and prosperous Nigeria that is restructured to address existing imbalances.”

The group leader, therefore urged Ndigbo all over the country to go about their business and not listen to any sit-at-home order by any group of persons. recalls that Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, had declared that only death could stop him from ensuring the restoration of Biafra. Kanu made the declaration while addressing worshippers at the Jew Sabbath service in his country hometown of Abia state, on Saturday May 27.

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