Shocking moment police officers publicly destroyed man’s N101 million Ferrari (photos)


Crime report disclosing how a rogue landlord’s cherished £200,000 Ferrari is crushed by cops – who deemed it “unroadworthy”.

According to report Zahid Khan famously once parked the 458 Spider on the pavement outside Birmingham Crown Court during a trial he was taking part in.

Weeks later it was seized by West Midlands police who suspected it was stolen.

They then revealed they destroyed it because it had no valid insurance and was judged to be a Category B vehicle – which means it suffered serious damage in the past – making it unroadworthy.

The 31-year-old insisted he was the rightful owner and sourced all the parts used in the car from official sources.
He says he is now planning on taking legal action after obtaining footage from the police.

He said: “I can’t believe they have destroyed my car. I love supercars and have owned a number of them and loved this car.

“I saved to buy this car, and it was sentimental to me and my family. The police had no right to do what they did, it’s very sad, this money could have gone to a good cause.

“Ferrari parts are worth more than the car itself. I had a quote to sell the Ferrari in parts for over 250k.

“I’m planning on taking the officer to court for breaching a court order and unlawfully destroying my car.”

In March last year Khan parked the vehicle on the pavement outside Birmingham Crown Court.

He was there to appeal his conviction for forcing tenants out of homes they had rented.

He succeeded in overt-turning three charges.

But a month later police seized the Ferrari after pulling him over.

When he later appeared in court with papers to prove his ownership of the vehicle he was told that it had already been destroyed.

In a statement West Midlands Police said the video is in relation to a trial which is due to start next month.

They said: “A group of men and a woman are accused of running a car registration scam in which the rights to high-value number plates were stolen and offered for sale – some for more than £100,000.

“Khan his brother Aamir Khan, 25, and 39-year-old Ayan Ahmed, plus associate Zubair Ahmad, 33, have been charged with conspiracy to commit fraud

“They also face counts of perverting the course of justice after it’s claimed they tried diverting blame to a bogus car dealer.

“In addition, Zahid and Aamir Khan, face charges of concealing and converting criminal property relating to stolen cars running on false plates.

“And Zahid Khan also stands accused of four counts of fraud by false representation after it’s alleged he failed to declare details on car insurance documents.” (TheSunUK)

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